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Alright, so, even though Spelling Bee just ended it's broadway run in January, I've been wanting to make icons since I first bought the cast recording 3 years ago. I finally got some nice images and got some iconing done. There might be more to come but for now here are 12 icons, mostly featuring Olive, Barf, and Logainne. As always, feel free to join or just take. Comments appreciated, credits necessary. And any requests are always accepted!!!

The Office--Pilot

Hey guys!!! So I made a bunch of The Office (US) icons. I'm a huge fan of the show, so it's more than likely that I will be making more in the future, but in the meanwhile, if anyone has some fave quotes or moments that they want iconed, feel free to request in a comment and I'll put it at the top of the list. thanks in advance for any comments or credits!


You must take the A-train...

Okay, so I've been looking into In the Heights, the newest musical on Broadway. A good friend of mine just saw it in previews and has been raving about it. Right now, the icons are based on the two songs that are available on the website and the images that I found on the same site. If anyone has seen the show and has more specific requests of lines from song, let me know. I'd be more than happy to oblige. But for now...

Comment, credit, and enjoy!!!

(brush and font credits in the community userinfo)

Hey all!

The beginning of a new month means a new episode of the battery's down. It's this youtube show written and produced by univ of Michigan Musical Theatre grads. It chronicles one young actor trying to make it on broadway, but it has big musical numbers. Also, I heart it. So anyway in honor of the show and it's new episode, I made some icons using promotional photos from the show. Pictures are by Dirty Sugar Photography and can be found at Jakewilson.net.


Randoms... kids stuff and classics

A very random entry! just getting the rest of this out there...

Ummm yeah I made a lot of Sex and The City Icons...

This is one of the first batches I ever made, so they're not exactly top quality, (you'll notice it here and there...) bit I still think some of them are pretty nice.

13 Project Runway

Project Runway Season one... a long time ago but I'm pretty proud of these ones... 


Finding Nemo!

As promised, the result of watching Finding Nemo this weekend in boredom...


My extensive collection of the last 5 years icons. (there's a lot of them) They're all of images from the Philadelphia cast, because that's the cast I saw, and those are the pictures I already had on my computer. Plus, they're really nice images.


Proof of heaven as you're living...

Alright. So I'm moving all of my icons over to the graphics community. I'm gonna start by putting all of the Sondheim icons in one post.

a few general ones to start...

   1. proof    2. genius is me       3. genius     4. god

comment, credit. let me know about requests!!!

<3's Erin